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Capping and Bridging

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Dental Crowning

A Dental Crown can be seen as a protective cover that fits over a broken or decayed tooth just like a cap. In this process, the tooth is drilled creating a space and then the tooth shaped crown is placed in the space created over the top of the tooth. It restores the alignment, strength and shape of the tooth.

Advantages of the Dental Crowns

  • Protects a weak and decayed tooth
  • Supports cracked and worn tooth
  • Provide coverage after a root canal treatment
  • Make a cosmetic modification like covering rotated, small or discoloured teeth

Types of the Dental Crowns

  • Metal Ceramic Crowns: They are made of both metal and porcelain. The metal provides adequate strength while porcelain helps form the overall shape of the crown and gives it a white, natural looking appearance.
  • All Ceramic Crowns: They are metal-free crowns made of zirconia or other aluminous materials with high aesthetic appeal. They are good in Strength & Durability.
  • Gold Crowns: They made of dental gold and are long-lasting. But they don't look natural like ceramic crowns.

Dental Bridges

Fixed dentures are like your natural teeth. They exist under the gums, as they are made of titanium and have therefore, have unique property of fusing with bones. This makes them more stable and reliable. The number of implants needed depends on the volume and density of the bone in your jaw. You will need as few as four implants or as many as six for your new teeth to function as well as a set of healthy, natural teeth. The steps involved are:

  • Impressions: The dentist first measures the space in your mouth and takes impressions of jaws.
  • Models: For trial purpose, the exact shape of the denture using wax or plastic is made. It can be adjusted to the color, shape, and fit before the permanent dentures are made.
  • Casts: The permanent dentures are made and adjusted in mouth.

Result of Fixed Dentures

The Dental Bridges cover a gap between existing natural teeth or implants. They are prepared as crowns with a replacement tooth in the middle attached to cover the gap. It is one of the affordable options to restore missing teeth. They can be considered as a custom-made false tooth or teeth that are permanently placed between two teeth,covering the area left by a missing tooth or teeth.