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Swollen and Bleeding Gums

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Swollen and Bleeding Gums

Your gums are very important to your oral health. The gums are made of firm, pink tissue that covers your jawbone. This tissue is thick, fibrous, and full of blood vessels.

Gingivitis: Due to the bad oral hygiene, the plaque builds up on the gum line and teeth. Plaque is composed of bacteria and food particles deposited on the teeth over time and converts into tartar. Gingivitis causes your gums to become irritated and swollen. Gingivitis without treatment can lead to periodontitis.

Periodontitis: Periodontitis in later stage causes the gums to pull away or recede from the tooth. This can damage the bone that supports the tooth, causing the tooth to loosen or even fall out. The teeth that appear longer due to gum recession and appear further apart. Teeth becomes loose and pus forms.

Dental abscess: It causes bacterial infectionthat results in the formation of pus within a tooth. There are two types of Dental Abscess:

  • Periapical abscesses: It occurs due to decay or tooth fractures, and affect the root of a tooth.
  • Periodontal abscesses: It affects the gum and don't have severe affect on roots.
Healthy gums are firm and pale pink and fitted tightly around the teeth. Signs and symptoms include:
  • Swollen or puffy gums
  • Dusky red or dark red gums
  • Gums that bleed easily when you brush or floss
  • Bad breath
  • Receding gums
  • Tender gums