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Anti-dandruff Treatment

Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to appear. It is often accompanied by itching, hairloss, infection, pimples on forehead & face, pus formation, etc. At Divine Look, we can often diagnose dandruff simply by looking at your hair and scalp.

For mild dandruff, you should try regular cleansing with a gentle shampoo to reduce oil and dust. For heavy dandruff, try medicated shampoo after consultation with Dermatologist.

For Anti-dandruff treatment, check for these ingredients in your shampoo:

Chemical Description


Consult with dermatologist, because it can be obtained with a precription only.

Zinc Pyrithione

Commonly called APT, it is highly effective for treating dandruff due to fungus.


Very effective against fungal infections, it is non-toxic and can be used for external applications.

Salicyclic Acid

It causes the skin to shed dead cells and hence decreases scaling & dryness.

Treatment for Dandruff

Scalp Peel
Scalp treatment for dandruff removes the dead skin cells and curbs the growth of such cells thereby reducing dandruff overtime.

Ozone Therapy
Ozone therapy treats the infections due to germs on the scalp and reduces dandruff that causes fungus, thereby inhibiting its growth.

At Divine Look, we treat the dandruff from the root addressing the factors which lead to the imbalance of scalp health. According to the type of hair, skin sensitivity, lifestyle and hair grooming needs, a treatment method is formulated.