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Hairfall Treatment

Hairfall Treatment

Are you looking for the top hair fall solutions options, you might fall prey upon numerous products that claim to reverse hair loss. Unfortunately, not everything that you come across online is true.

Should I be tested?
There are various causes of hair fall and therefore, various treatments for it. Whatever is the cause of hair fall, it should be treated with appropriate medicines to prevent permanent hair loss. It is better to consult a dermatologist and get the proper diagnosis to prevent hair fall and hair loss. At Divine Look, we first identify the reasons of hairloss.

Hairfall Diagnosis

Test Description

Blood Test

It uncovers the reasons of Hair loss.

Pull Test

By pulling some 10-12 hairs and counting how many comes out from them, doctor determine the stage of Hairfall.

Scalp biopsy

The dermatologist scrapes samples from the skin or examine the hair roots to determine the infection causing hair loss.

Light microscopy

In Microscopy, dermatologist examine hairs trimmed at their bases to uncover possible disorders of the hair shaft.

Treatment for Hairfall

Treatments for hair loss include medications and surgeries like Hair Transplant or Laser Therapy to promote hair growth and slow hair loss. Book an appointment with us and know what is best to get silky, shiny, long hairs. We first try to correct the nutritional deficiencies like Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 and educating patient to avoid extreme hair treatments like hair straightening, perming, excessive colouring etc.